Endoscopic Foot Surgery:The Minimally Invasive Approach

Endoscopic foot surgery, the surgical treatment of choice at Achilles Foot & Ankle Specialists, is a minimally invasive procedure, less traumatic for patients than traditional surgery. Because incisions are much smaller in an endoscopic foot surgery, the benefits include significantly less pain, a faster recovery period, less damage to surrounding tissues, and less scarring. Plus, surgeons can perform minimally invasive procedures on an outpatient basis, so hospitalization is generally not required.

How Endoscopic Foot Surgery Works

In an endoscopic procedure, the foot surgeon makes a small incision and inserts a tube with a tiny camera on it. Watching on a monitor, the surgeon can guide the scope to see inside the foot or ankle. If a problem needs correcting, the surgeon makes another small incision and inserts small, specialized surgical tools to correct the problem.

For instance, in the endoscopic treatment of Morton’s neuroma, a condition in which a nerve in the foot becomes trapped or pinched, the surgeon makes two incisions, one for inserting the scope and one to release the entrapped nerve. Right after surgery, the patient can stand and bear full weight on the foot.

In cases of endoscopic treatment of plantar fasciitis, the recovery period is a little longer. The patient generally waits three to five days before wearing comfortable shoes, rather than the one day with Morton’s neuroma treatment. However, the recovery time would be much longer after more invasive, traditional surgeries.

Specially trained surgeons use endoscopic surgery in the treatment of a range of foot conditions, including equinus (limited ankle joint movement) and tarsal tunnel syndrome, a foot condition like carpal tunnel syndrome of the hand and wrist. A similar minimally invasive surgical procedure, ankle arthroscopy, is performed for ankle pain treatment.

If you need foot surgery, or you are suffering with a painful foot or ankle condition needing evaluation and treatment, book an appointment at the Achilles Foot & Ankle Specialists nearest you. If you require surgical treatment and endoscopic foot surgery is an option, you can trust in the highly accomplished surgeons at Achilles to expertly perform it onsite in our fully accredited surgical center.


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